Jeswald's Fleet of Trucks

150-Ford F-450 4X4 (Offroad Recovery Unit)
158-Chevy Astro Service Van
159-GMC 2500 Service Truck
160-Ford F-450 Kilar Wrecker
161-Ford F-350 Kilar Wrecker
162-Ford F-450 Kilar Wrecker
163-Ford F-450 Kilar Wrecker
164-Ford F-350 Vulcan Wrecker
165-Ford F-450 Century Wrecker
166- Ford F-450 Kilar Wrecker
176-Freightliner FL-70 Kilar Rollback
177-Freightliner FL-70 Kilar Rollback
180-Ford LTL9000 27ton NRC Sliding Wrecker
181-Freightliner 45ton NRC Sliding Wrecker
182-Mack Tractor
183-Mack 30ton Vulcan Wrecker
188-International 14ton Jerr-Dan Wrecker
189-Freightliner 20ton NRC Sliding Wrecker


Jeswald's Serving the Mahoning Valley